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How do I contact you?

You can contact me on my mobile 07538706918 or via email

Where can I see you? 

I have a consultation room in Richmond upon Thames, it is a brief walk (less than 5 minutes) from the main train station.

What can I expect from our first meeting?

Initial consultation is about getting to know each other. At that point I am also keen to hear about the difficulties or concerns that you have and to explore with you initial ideas about how these concerns could be addressed.

Are the session confidential?

Yes, all sessions are confidential.

Are you able to offer therapy in different language? 

Yes, I am also able to offer assessment and therapy in Polish. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Are you a registered health professional? 

​Yes. I am registered Practitioner Clinical Psychologist with Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). The HCPC is a regulatory body for clinical psychologists in the United Kingdom. 

What ethical code do you follow?

As a registered Clinical Psychologist I am bound and work within the HCPC Code of Practice. I also have regular supervision. 

What psychological therapy is about?

Psychotherapy is very much an individual journey and it is up to you how you want this journey to look like. It can be a short-term piece of work helping you to manage a specific issue or problem (e.g. a specific fear) that is relevant for you in the current moment. This type of therapy enables you to implement strategies to manage specific problem. A long-term therapy is about exploring more deeply issues that you might have been struggling with for a long time. It often involves looking at deeply entrenched patterns and conflicts that are at the root of the difficulties. 

What do Clinical Psychologists do?

Clinical Psychologists are health professionals trained to Doctorate level in Psychology and their therapeutic role involves working with individuals with a wide range of emotional, mental and behavioural difficulties across the whole spectrum of severity.

Clinical Psychologists are trained in a broad spectrum of therapeutic approached and have expertise knowledge across different areas of psychology, including human development and cognition. It is this versatile and comprehensive training that enables Clinical Psychologists to offer a highest quality service.

Dr Jadzia Duncan-Bosu, DClinPsy


Telephone: 07538706918

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